Problem Statement:

Envision and prototype a marketplace for business owners and social media influencers to interact, create bi-directional value and foster better collaborations


Master's Thesis - MS HCI 

My Role:

UX Research Lead

I engineered and executed a research plan using mixed methods, which included conducting semi-structured interviews, journey/affinity mapping to analyze qualitative data, and designing and running multiple participatory design sessions with stakeholders. I also conducted brainstorming sessions for divergent ideation, following which I planned and moderated usability testing through cognitive walkthroughs and SUS evaluations, as well as heuristic evaluations with industry experts. 


Monica Jeon 

Priyanka Mohindra



June 2020 - May 2021

This page is under construction, in the meantime here is a brief overview of the project! Check back again soon for project details :)