Hello & Namaste!


I’m Priyanka, born and raised in India, and currently based in Atlanta, pursuing a master's in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology.


People and technology fascinate me! After spending a decade at an international British boarding school in India, I moved to the US as a diplomat. Through the years I’ve found myself immersed in different cultures and have had the opportunity to meet people from around the globe, thus developing a zeal for human behavior. The person I am today is a fusion of such experiences, represented by my broad spectrum of interests. 


Just like my interests have amassed over the years, user experience research offers the perfect amalgamation of technology, design and behavioral science, and therefore is my passion. I want to incorporate my unique understanding of the world and experience to work with users at a fundamental level, without being blinded by a cultural lens, in order to bridge the gap between technology and its diverse pool of users.


A combined bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration not only enables me to effectively communicate with all members of a project team and contribute to the various phases of the design process, but also gives me the ability to understand the perspective of stakeholders. 


Apart from work, I am an avid traveler and a keen explorer. From new hiking trails to small coffee shops, I am always looking for an adventure. Photography and poetry are my favorite hobbies and “looking for beauty and aesthetic in everything” is my motto. So if you don’t spot me taking pictures of anything from rocks to landscapes, you can find me writing poetry in my journal! 

"Looking for beauty and aesthetic in everything"

"Keep Exploring"